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About Us

We all hate the feeling of leaving our dog home alone. They look at us with those adorable puppy eyes, and watch us walk out the door in dismay. Some times we even see them watching us leave out the window, and it's a heart breaker. Not to mention how tough it can be to work, or go out knowing that our dogs are at home, bored, lonely, and in dire need of fun and exercise.


We started Paw Hikes to allow dog owners to avoid this. We are all busy, and it's important that we can focus on work, friends, and family with 100% attention. We all strive to be better, and more productive, and it is much easier to do so when you know your dog is out.


Our walks are not just around your block. We strive to ensure the dogs we walk have an amazing time. This is why we take them off leash to local dog parks. They can run, fetch, swim, wrestle, or just sniff around and walk freely. No leash tugging, no pulling, just treats and fun. There is nothing that we find more enjoyable as pet owners than seeing our dogs have fun. We all know the look, tongue out, eyes wide, panting, and pure joy.


Our mission is to provide this for your dog. We want them to come home tired, happy, and healthier every single day. This way, when you get home your dog has already gotten their energy out. We know you will be tired, so it's important for your dog to be tired as well. Now you can simply enjoy their company while you relax from a long day.

Our Team

Amer Fakira

Founder & Walker

Joe Mooney


Jen O'Malley


Our Team
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